Who Are We?

Local Cape Roots Pty (Ltd) is a company based in
Grassy Park, aiming to promote environmental
sustainability, community enrichment and
education on organic food production.

Astin Van Schalkykwyk

Director : Soil Scientist & Horticulturalist

Vaughn Wilkinson

Director : Systems Biologist

Keenan Naicker

Financial Director : Agricultural Economist

Irshaad Parker

Logistics Manager : Biochemist

Popular Instructional Videos

Planting Seeds

Growing plants from seed offers a simple and economical method to expand your garden and watch the plant life cycle from the earliest stage to a bountiful harvest.

Sowing seeds directly into soil requires minimal equipment and only a little know-how to easily propagate plants without worrying about transplanting.

How To Prepare Sandy Soil Gardens

With sandy soils being so predominant in the Western Cape, we thought it would be beneficial to showcase the preparation of garden beds in a similar


With only a few inputs you can transform a sandy patch in the yard

into a productive garden bed to provide edible crops and keep you #HandsOn.

ACE Your Garden

Our ACE Nutrients line of organic fertilisers offers a complete nutrient input supply to your garden.

Watch to see how you can use them in different scenarios to add lushness and vegetative vigour to any growing environment.

Community Projects

We are excited to show off our first completed Hydroponic consultation! We installed a vertical NFT solution to help our client be more #HandsOn at home. We also provided the family with nutrients for their water reservoir & seedlings to assist them in pursuing self-sufficiency.

We started working with the Michael Oak Waldorf School to start a garden that their students could keep their #HandsOn We provided them with educational packs & gardening materials which included some personalized seeds & seedlings - helping them begin their gardening journey .

A productive session with the OASIS team! Our team checked up on their worm bins we previously set up and it seems a healthy bunch of worms have grown!

Our team aided with the transplantation of celery & produced a few soil amendments to boost crop growth.

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Contact number: 079 758 5107

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