Projects & Deployments

Applying ACE Principles to Action

All projects undertaken by the venture aim to incorporate our core identities of Agriculture, Community & Education into sustainable agriculture - both in the home garden and on the future-focused farm. Explore a showcase of development processes, milestones and results from projects & research undertaken by Local Cape Roots and associated venture partners.

Food Gardens

Fostering healthy relationships between people and the soil is critical for developing a social awareness of where our food originates from. These food garden projects showcase the principle of getting #HandsOn and applying agricultural knowledge to community-orientated ventures.


Hydroponic systems present an innovative solution for converting unused space into a plant cultivation area. Take a look at vertical hydroponics garden installation in an urban environment to see how the farming of the future may take form.

Composting Systems

The cycling of resources in a cultivation environment is key to sustainability. Composting systems function as a scalable and functional tool for managing organic waste streams and nurturing fertility within the soil.

Your Next Step

"Local Cape Roots, How Can You Help Me?"

Our team of engineers, soil scientists and horticulturists and other agricultural experts can help you construct your ideal grow system or garden - no matter the size.

From single free-standing units, indoor grow rooms and backyard gardens, to automated environmental control units in a commercial crop production facility - our scalable design philosophy can be applied to virtually any grow environment.

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